Welcome to Tennessee Clinical Research Center

Tennessee Clinical Research Center (TCRC) was formed to conduct dermatology and dermatalogic surgery research by Michael H. Gold, M.D. Although Dr. Gold has been conducting clinical research for over 34 years, TCRC was established in 2002 as a designated research facility. Located in Nashville, TN, TCRC treats people from both its extensive database and the general population. The patients who qualify and are enrolled to receive diverse cutting edge therapies receive top notch care from the experienced staff at TCRC.
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Under the supervision of Dr. Gold, TCRC conducts multiple FDA regulated studies simutaneously. Director of Research, Julie Biron, along with licensed nurses and highly trained medical personnel – who are all CCRP, CITI, and IATA certified – present years of combined experience in dermatology and clinical research.
Today, TCRC is regarded highly as one of the Southeast’s leading clinical trial sites. Our certified study coordinators and state-of-the-art capabilities allow for innovative research and outstanding data collection. TCRC consistently investigates new medical devices and drug therapies to bring the very latest in technology and medical treatments to its patients, along with the highest level of patient care.


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